Proofreading and Editing

Paul Hadley, the editor of Motor Verso, had given me the task of proofreading and editing several long-form articles written by various authors from the Motor Verso website. Within each article, I made many changes; re-writing sentences, shortening paragraphs, moving pictures around, correcting grammar and punctuation, and ordering the article correctly.

My confidence as a writer means I was able to make these changes without any hesitation, and I made sure there was not one full stop out of place, after all, I am a perfectionist.

Does Motor Oil Expire?

If you’ve got a car and either a garage or shed, the chances are you’ve got some old engine oil kicking about. Likely it’s nothing more than a 1 litre top up bottle, given to you at your last car service, or maybe the one before, or the one before that. Maybe it’s a 4 litre can you bought to do that between service oil change you never got round to doing. You’re not sure how long it has been there so the question is – does motor oil expire or can I still use it? Follow this article to find answ

BMW vs Mercedes – Which Brand Is Better For 2021?

Folks always mention that if you want a luxury automobile, always buy German. It’s an overly succinct answer that leaves people with more questions. However, it’s fair to say that contemporary German cars deserve plaudits for maintaining such a high standard of automotive luxury. Follow this article to help you decide which car manufacturer best suits you: When you fork out the premium for a modern German luxury car, you’d have a reasonably high expectation. That said, when you go German, you’

Car Photography – 10 Tips For Taking Better Pictures

Interested in car photography? Whether you are just starting out, or a professional, follow this article to learn about all things automotive photography-related. The main topics covered are: • How To Edit Cars In Lightroom Car photography can be challenging at times, there are many factors that can make or break a fantastic shot. However, there are many simple tips and tricks that professional automotive photographers can use to help make the process easier. This can be as subtle as knowing ho

Website Content Editing: Law Lane Solicitors 

I was given the chance to revise and update the Law Lane Solicitors Website. After thoroughly analysing every page on the website, I noted down every inconsistency, whether it was a subheading that needed to be in Bold or a sentence that needed rewriting. 

I can spot a language mistake no matter what the topic or subject matter. This means I can adapt to different writing styles and still be able to confidently edit or make changes to improve the writing, making it my own. 

Below is the Website Revisions document which suggests changes for inconsistencies on the website.